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Beneficial Bacteria


  • Provides clean, clear and healthy water conditions in ponds
  • Safe for fish, plants, pets and wildlife
  • Easy-to-use pump top bottle

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Beneficial Bacteria is a must-have treatment for every backyard pond or water feature. The bacteria consume excess nitrites that would otherwise feed the type of algae that turns your water pea-soup green. This liquid solution includes eight pure strains of bacteria and is completely safe for fish, plants and pets. Beneficial Bacteria is also the best way to treat water that is already green. Unlike algaecides, it actually treats the green water’s root cause – excess nitrites – and carries no risk of harming your finned friends.

Add to pond weekly in spring through fall to keep water crystal-clear. Switch to Cold Water Bacteria when water temperature is consistently below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If using to treat green water, add to pond at least twice a week until water is clear, and then continue with weekly maintenance doses. Very green water will likely take several weeks to completely clear.

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8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, 32 oz Refill Pouch, 1 gal.