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SKU: 96034

Clean for Ponds Autodoser Pouch


  • Features easy-to-use pump top bottle
  • Quickly optimizes the quality and clarity of pond water while reducing filter maintenance
  • Powerful blend of heterotrophic bacteria naturally digests organic waste or sludge
  • Cleans between rocks and gravel
  • Safe for fish and plants

The Clean for Ponds autodoser pouch contains a powerful blend of Beneficial Bacteria that clears sludge between rocks and in filter pads. Use until sludge is cleared, then switch to the Maintain for Ponds autodoser pouch for preventative maintenance. Safe for fish, plants and pets when used as directed. One bag treats a 2,000-gallon pond for up to 30 days. Works with Aquascape Automatic Dosing systems.

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 10 in