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SKU: 98548

Double-Textured Basalt Columns Set of 3


  • Incorporates the sights and sounds of water
  • Unique double-textured design
  • (1) 8″, (1) 13″, and (1) 20″ column
  • Each stone is handcrafted and polished

Aquascape Double-Textured Basalt Columns incorporate the sights and sounds of water into any environment, creating a beautiful water feature wherever they are installed.

The set includes stones of three varying heights at 8″, 13″, and 20″ high. Aquascape Double-Textured Basalt Columns are handcrafted and textured from natural stone. Once mined and shaped, the columns are drilled to create a stunning water feature. No two columns are alike, providing each stone with unique qualities.

The columns can be paired with the Aquascape AquaBasin® 30, kink-free tubing, and Ultra 1100 Water Pump for a complete setup.

Tech Specs

Double-Textured Basalt Columns - Set of 3
Dimensions (1) 8", (1) 13", and (1) 20" column
Package Weight 276 lbs
Recommended Tubing Kink-free tubing
Recommended Pump Ultra 1100
Recommended Basin AquaBasin 30

Weight 4416 oz
Dimensions 27 × 22 × 12 in

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