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EcoBlast Contact Granular Algaecide


  • Eliminates unsightly algae and debris on contact
  • Ideal for use on waterfalls, fountains, streams, and rocks
  • Can be used at any water temperature
  • Works at a wide range of pH levels

You’ll likely always have a little bit of string algae in your pond. String algae is a sign of a healthy ecosystem, and poses no risk to your finned friends. But if you feel like your pond has too much of this stringy gunky stuff, EcoBlast is the perfect tool for adding that final polish to your water feature. Just sprinkle the treatment directly on the affected area and watch the algae disappear.

Make sure to remove dead algae from your water feature to prevent it from becoming food for new algae. For long-term string algae control, add a wide variety of plants to your pond to remove algae-feeding nutrients from the water.

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8.8 oz, 38.4 oz, 7 lb