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Smart Pond Dosing System XT (System only)


  • Automatically keeps water in ponds, waterfalls, and fountains clean, clear, and beautiful
  • Eliminates the guesswork and routine of manually adding water treatments
  • Low treatment alert system notifies when treatment is running low
  • Connect to the Aquascape Smart Control App to monitor and control with your smartphone or tablet
  • Great for larger ponds and water features, including recreation ponds
  • Only compatible with XT autodoser treatments. Not compatible with 32 oz. autodoser treatments.

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Only compatible with XT autodoser treatments. Not compatible with 32 oz. autodoser treatments.

Maintaining optimum water quality has never been easier. To keep ponds and water features clean and clear, it is important to add beneficial bacteria and other water treatments on a regular basis. The Smart Pond Dosing System XT is an electronically operated dispenser that accurately and consistently applies specially formulated water treatments, eliminating the guesswork and routine of manually adding treatments.

This innovative dosing system is equipped with a convenient low treatment alert that notifies you when a treatment bottle is 90% empty, ensuring you can replace the treatment before it runs out. Pair the control panel to the Aquascape Smart Control App to control, monitor, and receive alerts on your smartphone or tablet. The Smart Pond Dosing System XT is able to treat larger water features with ease (30,000 gallons for over a month).

Each system includes an injection-molded enclosure, one control panel, one treatment intake assembly with low treatment alert, internal/external treatment tubing, and low-voltage transformer. Multiple treatment options are available for a wide variety of issues including cloudy water, bad odors, and excessive debris. The system is designed for use with Simple Solutions XT treatments in half and full gallon size options. If desired, it is easy to apply two different 64 oz. treatments simultaneously with an optional Controller Add-On Kit #40042 (sold separately).

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Phone Pairing Instructions

Controller Factory Reset Instructions


Smart Pond Dosing System XT Features
1. Durable Housing Durable housing is built to last and can be buried to conceal
2. Hood Design Hood design with mounted control panels hides and protects components from weather conditions
3. Large Internal Space Large internal space fits one large gallon or up to two 64 oz. treatment bottles. Water treatments sold separately.
4. Controller Add-On Kit Easily apply two different treatments simultaneously with an optional Controller Add-On Kit #40042 (sold separately)
5. Control Panel Push-button control panel is easily calibrated to your water feature size

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Control Panel Settings

Your ideal control panel setting will be based on the water feature’s size, the size of your water treatment, and the dosing strength you choose. Use the downloadable charts below to help determine your setting.

1X Concentration – 64 OZ

1X Concentration – 1 GAL

3X Concentration – 64 OZ

3X Concentration – 1 GAL

Weight 96 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 15 in

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