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SKU: razer

Weed Razer ST – Aquatic Weed Cutter for Lakes, Ponds & Beaches


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Remove aquatic vegetation swiftly and easily.

The revolutionary Jenlis Weed Razer ST will slice through weeds and grasses in just minutes. With the speed and efficiency, cut in wide or narrow spaces to clear pesky weeds from your lake or pond.

Eliminate stubborn pond & lake vegetation like milfoil, cattails, grasses, and lily pads that grow around your shoreline and beach access.

  • Each Weed Razer comes with Lockdown blade covers, a sharpener, a floating rope, and safety lock carabiner to help secure the rope to a fixed place while throwing the tool with a reach of up to 30 feet from one location.
  • The V-shaped head has razor-sharp blades with a 48 inch cutting path.
  • Premium rustproof stainless-steel slices through vegetation including milfoil, cattails, lily pads, grasses and more with little resistance.
  • To clear your lakeshore and beach, simply throw into your lake or pond and reel back in. Weighing less than eight pounds, the Weed Razer is light enough so it can be thrown easily, but heavy enough to sink to the bottom of your lake or pond.
  • The pesky weeds and aquatic vegetation that used to take hours to remove can now be cleared in minutes.

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 38 × 7 × 3 in