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Clean for Ponds XT


  • Designed only for use with the Smart Pond Dosing System XT
  • Quickly optimizes the quality and clarity of pond water while reducing filter maintenance
  • Powerful blend of heterotrophic bacteria naturally digests organic waste or sludge
  • Cleans between rocks and gravel
  • Safe for fish and plants

Designed only for use with the Smart Pond Dosing System XT

Aquascape Clean for Ponds XT makes it easy to quickly optimize the quality and clarity of pond water while drastically reducing filter maintenance, keeping ponds clean, clear, and beautiful.

Clean for Ponds XT is available in half gallon and gallon options and designed only for use with the Smart Pond Dosing System XT. Clean for Ponds XT uses a powerful blend of heterotrophic bacteria to naturally digest organic waste or sludge caused by uneaten fish food, fish waste, and decomposing leaves and debris. The high concentration of bacteria will work to clean between rocks and gravel while keeping pond filters clean, including filter mats and biological filter media.

Clean for Ponds XT is safe for fish, plants, pets, and wildlife. Clean for Ponds XT is also available in an extra strength, triple-concentrated formula (3X) for use in larger ponds or for extending the duration between re-fills.

Control Panel Settings

Your ideal control panel setting will be based on the water feature’s size, the size of your water treatment, and the dosing strength you choose. Use the downloadable charts below to help determine your setting.

1X Concentration – 64 OZ

1X Concentration – 1 GAL

Water Treatment Temperature Guide

Water Treatment Clean for Ponds
Effects of Freezing Slight reduction; thaw & shake before use
Storage Temperature (min-max) 50°F-104°F/ 10°C – 40°C
Consequences of Storing Outside Range Product and package deterioration
Usage Range (min-max water temperature) 60°F-100°F/ 15.5°C- 38°C
Consequences of Using Outside Range Reduced effectiveness

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

64 oz – 1X Concentration, 1 gal. – 1X Concentration, 64 oz – 3X Concentration, 1 gal. – 3X Concentration

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