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Premium Cold Water Fish Food Pellets


Your fish need help transitioning in and out of winter torpor. That’s where cold water food comes in. These high-quality floating pellets are perfect for fall and early spring, when fish are eating but don’t need the kinds of nutrients found in warm-weather foods. Our cold water food contains wheat germ, high-quality protein, probiotics and stabilized vitamin C – all ingredients that make for happy, healthy fish.

Throw by the handful into the water, preferably away from the skimmer, one to two times a day. Only feed as much as fish will eat within a few minutes. Avoid letting excess food sink to the bottom of the pond. Stop feeding when water temperatures are consistently below 55 degrees.

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1.1 Lb, 2.2 Lb, 4.4 Lb, 11 Lb, 22 Lb, 44 Lb