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Premium Color Enhancing Fish Food Pellets


Premium Color Enhancing Fish Food Pellets are specially formulated to promote brilliant coloration in your fish and provide them with the daily nutrition they need to thrive. This food contains stabilized vitamin C, probiotics that aid in digestion and reduce fish waste, and high-quality protein to optimize growth rates. These floating pellets will not break apart during feeding, helping to maintain clear water conditions. These pellets are great for any type of pond fish, including koi and goldfish.

  • Floating pellets promote brilliant colors in pond fish
  • Probiotics aid in digestion and reduce fish waste
  • High-quality protein optimizes fish growth
  • Contains stabilized vitamin C
  • Helps keep pond water clean and clear

For best results, feed once or twice daily when water temperatures are above 55 degrees. Only feed as much as fish will completely finish eating within a few minutes. Switch to Cold Water Fish Food in cooler weather, and stop feeding entirely when water temperatures are consistently below 55 degrees.

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